Repair • Sales • Installation
HVAC License: 2575 | Plumbing: 6349

Repair • Sales • Installation
HVAC License: 2575 | Plumbing: 6349

$750 OFF
Central AC Replacement
ONLY $99
Residential Drain Cleaning
Starting At $195
Residential Sewer Cleaning & Repair
ONLY $750
Commercial Sewer Jetting Service
ONLY $945
40 Gallon Water Heater
ONLY $995
50 Gallon Water Heater
$35 OFF
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$75 OFF
Water Heater
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Boiler Replacement
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Oil To Gas Conversion
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Any Sump Pump Installation
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Affordable Plumbing Repair & Air Conditioning Service in Wayne

1st Choice Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning Services in Wayne, NJ

Excellent heating and quality plumbing & HVAC services make modern homes more conducive for comfort. If you’re looking to invest in a new air conditioning unit, central air, or even if you’re considering installing a new appliance like a water heater, or any type of plumbing repair, look no further. With over a decade in this business, you’ve got no reason to worry -1st Choice Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning  has your home or business taken care of. We have done work on a lot of your friend’s homes right here in Wayne, NJ, and have probably done jobs to help out a family member or co-worker, so feel free to ask around!

Our technicians are all fully licensed, insured, and bonded. You’ll never have a shred of doubt when you entrust your property to our team of professional technicians installation experts.

A Glance at Our Services in the Wayne, NJ area

Professional heating repair and maintenance

We specialize in boiler repairs, replacements, installation, and preventative maintenance for all kinds of boilers and furnaces. You can schedule a regular maintenance service for your boiler with us. This ensures your boiler or furnace continuously operates at high-efficiency rates and saves you money over time.

If your property is far off the main gas supply service line, an oil-fired boiler can be an alternative and suitable option for you. This is especially important if you don’t have enough firewood for a wood stove heater. Whatever your boiler type is, we’re always eager to help you and your family stay warm, by keeping it in good working condition while still being cost-effective.

Do you want a more eco-friendly gas-heat solution? Our technical expertise in oil-to-gas conversion guarantees you’ll succeed in the eco department, as well as having a very workable and efficient heating solution for your home or office. Should you require emergency heating services in Wayne or the surrounding areas, call us right away and we’ll respond rapidly.

Servicing of the boiler, furnace and burner are also useful in maintaining high boiler efficiency. If you need furnace service or burner spares, we’ve got your back.

  • Quality plumbing services

Our qualified plumbers have a lot of experience serving in and around Wayne, NJ. If you’re looking for quality plumbing repairs and replacements in your commercial property or home then just grab a phone and call us today!

We offer repairs for broken water pipes, bathroom plumbing, and we even put a stop to gas leaks. If these problems are not fixed fast, you might incur costly damages or even irreversible damage to your home or business. That’s why we have quick response times 24/7 for our emergency plumbing and HVAC services. every single day of the year!

  • Air conditioning Service

Your indoor air quality is our concern. We install, repair, replace, and provide air conditioner services like cleaning the coils and refilling the gas cooling element of your window or central air conditioning unit. Effective duct installation and repair is another key component of the quality service we provide to our customers.

  • Water heater services

In addition to quality plumbing & HVAC services, you can trust our qualified technicians to install a water heater for you, or any other appliance you could think to buy.  We have a wealth of experience in water heater repairs as well as replacement water heaters and new unit installs.

  • Professional sewer and drain cleaning services

If you’ve ever experienced a blocked sewer, you’ll agree that it’s not an enjoyable sight. From bad odors to the sight of raw sewage, it’s generally not a fun experience.  Never allow your children or pets to come into contact with any type of fluids from a backed up line as this could be a health hazard. This kind of problem requires specialists with the right equipment and know-how to do the job right. 1st Choice Plumbing knows what to do and will get to your property where the problem is at fast.  From the moment you make that phone call and we hang

Why Wayne, New Jersey residents call on us

Our commitment to giving you real value and quality services for your money has earned us some endearment from our customers all across Wayne, NJ and the surrounding counties.  From Barbour’s Mills to Mountain View, Point View, Lower Preakness, and even Barbour’s Pond, we’ve done jobs big and small for both residential and commercial customers. Our focus remains on work and quality service.  

Some of the reasons people from Wayne, NJ choose us

  • Professional
  • Friendly technicians
  • Licensed, Insured and Bonded
  • Knowledgable Service Providers
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Fast & Dependable

We continuously upgrade our knowledge and experience through extensive training so that we can handle any problem that may arise, despite if it is a brand new or age-old product causing the issues.

Our licensed technicians work efficiently as a team to deliver the best quality service possible in the least amount of time.  We always deliver results that meet your expectations with our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. For a free estimate or to set up a service visit, just call us today and we’ll get you set up right away!

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