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Air Conditioner Repair In NJ

When a problem develops with your air conditioner, you want to know that someone is on call to fix it fast. 1st Choice offers 24 hour emergency air conditioner repairs in NJ for both business and home owners. Combined with our ongoing maintenance services, and our scheduled repair services, we can ensure your cooling system works as intended for years to come.

 When to Call for Air Conditioning Repairs

There are many signs that a problem might be developing with you air conditioner. A significant increase in your electric bill is the first sign, though you may also notice your air conditioner remaining on all the time, the lines to and from the air conditioner freezing, or vents blowing warm or not-quite cool air. If any of these issues occurs, call 1st Choice for air conditioner repair right away to avoid a larger problem.

If your air conditioner stops working completely, 1st Choice has technicians on call 24 hours a day for emergency air conditioner repairs in NJ. With experience repairing all major brands of central split, packages, and ductless mini split air conditioning system, as well as heat pumps, you can rely on 1st Choice.

If you need a professional to handle air conditioner repairs for your home, call 1st Choice today.

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