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1st Choice is an experienced sewer jetting service company that can handle all of your sewer jetting needs anywhere in New Jersey.

Excessive buildup of grease in your kitchen drain or garbage disposal sneaks up on you. It may start as a slow drain, but ultimately an uncleared blockage will result in an obstructed sewer line. And the troubles don’t always begin indoors; tree roots can find their way into the sewer line and lead to a disruption in its flow. Due to this, deteriorated pipes may allow debris to accumulate in the line, or fall apart and lead to an overflow on your property.

But there’s a simple solution. With the help of 1st Choice and our preventive sewer jetting, it is possible to ensure this problem isn’t one you’ll have to worry about. 1st Choice offers sewer jetting in New Jersey, which is an excellent way of getting rid of grease, roots, and other blockages in your sewer line. Sewer jetting uses high-pressure water jets to free any debris and clear up blockages. If you include sewer jetting in your routine maintenance, your plumbing system will continue to flow freely. It will also ensure you don’t get stuck with the considerable cost and discomfort caused by a blockage and emergency repairs.

1st Choice can also help you with routine service and maintenance to ensure these blockages don’t occur in the long run. Regular sewer jetting can prevent slow drains, stoppages, obstructions and pipe breaks. When you call, our experienced technicians will inspect your lines and drains, and recommend a course of action.

How Does Our Sewer Jetting Process Work?

Sewer jetting is very simple. A 1st Choice technician will perform an inspection and test the flow of your lines. To unblock your lines, we feed a hose through your plumbing to the approximate location of the stoppage. When the water is turned on, a jet nozzle and a forward jet will pierce a blockage or root mass, then wash the debris through your system to restore flow. This method will remove a blockage completely.

The forward jets and jet nozzle have only the role of clearing the drain line or clog. When the obstruction has been removed and the flow is back to normal, an all-rear jet is utilized in cleaning the sewer line. The jet which pushes water forward clears the way ahead, and the reverse flow thrusts the jet through the line. We also use rotating augers to clear especially occluded pipes or very wide water systems. These rotate several smaller streams to make sure the line is thoroughly cleaned. And that’s the entire process. Afterward, your sewer and drains work as well as they did new, and there’s no more grease, grime, or debris in the line to slow down your drains and toilets.

Benefits of Sewer Jetting

When it has to do with a blocked or slowed down sewer line, there are numerous methods you can use in fixing the issue; however, nothing beats sewer jetting. With this service, you can expect:

To Save on Repairs:

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Sewer jetting a line that isn’t fully blocked may seem like a waste of money, but the cost of replacing pipes and paying landscape and concrete repair services to clean up the mess when your pipe eventually fails is much, much more expensive. 1st Choice can help you save some cash in the long run by preventing those failures and emergency repairs through routine maintenance. 1st Choice requires very little time, and comparatively little in the way of expense. And the saving is worth your peace of mind.


In comparison to other methods of cleaning sewer lines, sewer jetting is a more efficient method of getting rid of dirt, grease clogs, and sand, among others. It is also possible to cut roots better and faster with the water jetter.

Other times, typical unclogging methods like snaking can help do the job. However, it is impossible to compare it to the efficiency of sewer jetting. It is also an excellent method of avoiding problems with your plumbing in the future, merely because it cleans and unclogs pipes meticulously.

Environmental Friendliness:

In comparison to the processes and chemicals that are involved in the conventional methods of plumbing, sewer jetting is a lot friendlier to the environment. Also, if your home is closer to sources of water like lakes and rivers, sewer jetting is an ideal option to go with.

Why Should You Choose 1st Choice for Your Sewer Jetting Needs?

Need a reputable company for your plumbing, heating, and cooling needs? Look no further than 1st Choice Plumbing. Below are a few reasons you may want to put us at the top of your list:

State-of-the-Art Equipment:

At 1st Choice, we have access to some of the most innovative plumbing equipment available today. What’s more, our experts undergo regular training to ensure they understand how to work with the most recent sewer lines and plumbing systems. This means that, no matter the age of your home or plumbing system, 1st Choice specialists are well versed in and properly equipped to maintain it.

Decades of Experience:

When it involves something as vital as your drain and sewer lines, you only want a company with the highest level of experience to deal with it. In the wrong hands, you can end up with issues way more than a clogged drain and may spend more than you would have if you contacted experienced hands.

We have experienced the rise and fall of various techniques of cleaning drains. Our specialists are experienced in handling various plumbing needs and can deal with any of your water heating, plumbing, and air conditioning requirements.

Budget-Friendly Options:

Our services are some of the most affordable options you can find on the market. We handle all your needs in the most comprehensive manner at a price you are sure to be pleased with. After the first assessment, we offer you a transparent quote without any hidden charges. If you want an affordable service to take care of your home or a stubborn pipe or drain problem, 1st Choice is the only choice. We don’t compromise on quality; we’re just good at what we do, and we do it quickly.

Mobile Services:

There are times when issues may arise unexpectedly with your sewer lines and drains, and you require a specialist to help you out quickly. 1st Choice can be ready to assist you at any time. The time of the day is not a problem as our plumbing specialists work in 24-hours shift daily.

We provide services anywhere in New Jersey. Have a draining problem? All you need to do is place a call to us, and our mobile plumbing specialists will be with you in a marked vehicle within minutes.

Contact 1st Choice today for the best sewer jetting rates in the state.

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